Delta Wilmar Ukraine – has been operating in the food industry market for over 10 years and produces fat and oil products and ingredients for manufacturers of bakery, confectionery and dairy products. We cooperate with reliable partners throughout Ukraine and are one of the largest exporters to Europe.

What we offer to a company employee:

  1. Annual salary increase of up to 10% according to staff estimates.
  2. Opportunity for professional growth (trainings, education, seminars).
  3. Free delivery by comfortable buses to / from work.
  4. Free meals.
  5. Health insurance.
  6. Official employment, completely white salary.
  7. Compensation for medical examination after employment.

Refrigeration operator, refrigerator operator

Primary requirements:

  1. Knowledge of the thermodynamics of refrigeration units.
  2. Ability to read circuits and understand OB systems.
  3. Experience with ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  4. Knowledge of industrial refrigeration machines (CO2, freon).


Bottled product filling line operator

Primary requirements:

  1. Control and management of filling and packaging machines.
  2. Sorting of corrugations by type of products.
  3. Moving containers, packaging material and packed products inside the workshop manually or using lifting and transport equipment.
  4. Ensuring uninterrupted operation of lines.
  5. Timely replacement of packaging and auxiliary materials.




Jobs in the village of Novye Bilyary (15 minutes drive from the Riviera), delivery to the company is carried out by the company’s transport, these are comfortable air-conditioned buses that run on several routes throughout the city.

Under quarantine conditions, Delta Wilmar continues to work and make sure that our customers receive raw materials for the food industry on time. Our work has not stopped, we conduct online interviews, make offers and bring candidates to work even in this difficult period. At the enterprise we use all available methods of protection, we provide all employees with personal protective equipment, antiseptic agents, masks. We also provide employees and candidates with travel to / from work / interviews with company transport.

Contact the Human Resources Department: +38 (099) 5106121 – Irina

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