There are no victims during the fire at Delta Wilmar plant

During  the fire, which arose on November, 6, 2018, at the plant Delta Wilmar CIS in the village of New Bilyary in Odessa region, there were no victims. The cause of ignition and the amount of damage is being established.

The ignition arose on the site of margarine production. The staff of the enterprise was promptly evacuated out of the territory of the plant. The units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were immediately called , they managed to localize the fire and prevent the spread of fire to other areas.

The investigation,  the purpose of which is to determine the cause of ignition, is ongoing.

The commission for the elimination of the consequences of an emergency is appointed. The losses are being established, but it is already clear that the shortening  plant and the production laboratory have been severely damaged.

The production will be restored in the near future.

The fire was fully extinguished due to the professional actions of the SSUES units, the Head of the SSUES in Odesa region Victor Fedorchak, Deputy Heads of the SSUES, Mykhailo Vovk, Mykola Yalovoy, Oleksandr Krytskyy, and certainly due to well-coordinated actions of the Head of the Odessa Regional Administration, Maxim Stepanov and the Head of state administration of the village Limanskaya, Vasyl Pryimak.

The significant technical support was provided by Odessa Amonia plant, Odesa Sea Port Authority, The Authority of the port of Yuzhniy, and by the companies TIS and Borivazh, the production facilities of which are located near Delta Vilmar CIS. The fire-fighting train was provided by Odessa Railway.

We would like to thank all: the first-rate employees of the companies that came to our aid, Operational Services, the business community and our partners, for the words of support and assistance offerings.