Our campus reserve

“Delta Wilmar” company has a talent management program. The main objective of this program is to create a reserve of ambitious young professionals with leadership potential, who, from the very beginning of their work, will learn to work at different areas of the enterprise, will be able to master the full cycle of knowledge, and work in accordance with the requirements of corporate policies and procedures.

On the 18 of February 2019, an excursion of the students of the Odessa National Food Academy to the Delta Wilmar enterprise took place. A group of future specialists have acquainted with the presentation film about technology and fire safety at the enterprise. Within the excursion, students took a dip into the atmosphere of a dynamically developing enterprise, implementing innovative technologies in production. During their presence at the plant, students visited production departments and workshops and saw modern production with their own eyes. At the end of the excursion, students had the opportunity to meet with the heads of the production departments, the top management of the company and ask them questions.