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High protein sunflower meal in pellets

Based on consumers’ requirements, we can produce sunflower meal with 39-42% protein. High protein and low fiber content sunflower meal comes from efficient dehulling system. Sunflower meal is available in bulk on vessels and in containers.


Field of usage

High protein sunflower meal suits well for animal/poultry feed. It is a valuable source of calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

Specification Sunflower Meal Pellets
Protein Basis   36%
Fiber maximum
Moisture maximum   12%
* Based on consumers requirements, we can produce sunflower meal with 42% protein



Sunflower seed hull in pellets

Sunflower hull is the by-product of the dehulling of sunflower seeds before they are used for oil extraction. Sunflower seeds contain about 26-28% of hulls that are often removed before oil extraction during production of high quality oil and meal.

Field of usage

Sunflower hull is widely used as a biofuel to power oil mills in order to replace coal, and therefore environmentally friendly.



Specification Sunflower Husk Pellets
Humidity and volatile matters   not more than 12%
Caloric value
not less than 16.5 Mj/kg
Volume bulk density   not less than 450.0 kg/m3
Other physical and chemical properties shall comply with DSTU 7124:2009

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