New Plant at “Delta Willmar Ukraine” LL

On Nov 3, the start of new technological line was performed by “Delta Wilmar Ukraine”. In fact, it is a separate Plant for bottling oil under “Chumak” trademark, specifically, bottling of oil into PET tare. Volume of investments is over 5,5 million USD, which gave opportunity to create 45 working places for the community of Yuzhniy.

It is worth mentioning that this year the opening of new Plant on processing and packing of margarine and fat products also took place with investments of more than 29 million USD and the number of working places is more than 50.

Totally during the season, 2019-2020 companies of Ukraine have produced 920 thousands tons of refined sunflower oil, among them 153 thousand tons – by “Delta Wilmar Ukraine” (16,6%), as a result, our company is the leader in the production of refined sunflower oil. Also, our company ranks first in the export of bulk refined sunflower oil.

Now the bottled products produced in the new plant our company will be able to export mainly to the countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe as well. Products of “Delta Wilmar Ukraine” are consumed in 41 countries of the world.