Tropical oils

Palm oil and its fractions


RBD / Hydrogenated RBD palm oil

Refined bleached deodorized palm oil and Hydrogenated RBD palm oil are widely used for production of fats and margarines. RBD/Hydrogenated RBDPO also find applications in baking, confectionery and dairy (as milk fat substitute for the manufacturing of products with complex fat composition).


RBD / Hydrogenated RBD palm olein

Refined bleached deodorized palm olein is used in bakery for production of dough, waffles, sugar cones, filling of pastries and chocolates. It is also used in meat industry for production of pates. It decreases the volume of fat needed for frying which contributes to the economic usage from a customer’s view point.


RBD palm stearin

Refined bleached deodorized palm stearin is formed during the fractionation of palm oil, after the crystallization process. It is widely used in the different recipes of specialized fats and margarines, in the interesterification process for the production of high-quality milk fat substitutes, surface-active substances and food emulsifiers.

Specification RBD palm oil RBD palm olein RBD palm stearine
Consistence, at 20 °C Semifirm Liquid Solid
Melting point, °C 33 – 39 17 – 21 44 – 56
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 0,1 0,1 0,1
Iodine value, g I2 / 100 g 50 – 55 56-59 22 – 46
Peroxide value, Mmol/kg½ О max. 2 3 3
Acid value, mgКОН/g, max. 0,2 0,2 0,1


Lauric oils


RBD/ Hydrogenated RBD coconut oil

These are high-quality fats used for production of margarines and fat products, in dairy (coatings for ice cream, dairy cheese, milk fat substitute, milk containing products) and cosmetic industries.


RBD palm kernel oil

Refined bleached deodorized palm kernel oil is used for production of margarine and fat products, confectionery, dairy, bakery and other food industries, as well as in the manufacture of soap.

Specification RBD coconut oil Hydrogenated RBD coconut oil RBD palm kernel oil
Melting point, °С 23-26 28-33 22-30
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 0,1 0,2 0,1
Iodine value, g I2 / 100 g 8-11 3 12-20
Peroxide value, Mmol/kg½ О max. 0,5 1 2
Acid value, mgКОН/g, max. 0,1 0,3 0,2