Margarine for puff pastry

Margarines for puff pastry are used in confectionery and baking industries. They are specially created for the dough layering in the manufacture of semi-finished products for puff pastry, croissants, yeast and yeast-free dough.



  • High lift of the final products;
  • A clear separation of the layers during baking;
  • Pleasant creamy flavor and aroma of the finished product;
  • No need to mix with the flour;
  • The dough remains pliable when cooled between the rolling stages (yeast and yeast-free dough;



  • Before using, margarine needs to be tempered at 16-20 °С;
  • The layering is obtained by multiple folding and rolling process, as well as existence of fat layer between the dough layers;
  • Finished products have a good height;


Specification Puff pastry margarine, 82%
Puff pastry margarine, 80%
Puff pastry margarine, 72%
Fat content, % min. 82 80 72
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 17,8 19,8 27,8
Salt value, % max. 1,5 1,5 1,5
Acid value, °К max 2,5 2,5 2,5
Peroxide value, mmol ½ О/kg, max. 2 2 2
Melting point, °C 38-46 38-46 38-46
SFC at 20 °С, % 40-50 40-50 40-50
* Specifications are standard. Customization is possible based on customer’s requirements.


*** All puff pastry margarines have convenient packaging – layers/blocks of 2 kg, each layer wrapped in parchment and put in a handy little box of 10 kg convenient for usage.