Margarine for creams

Cream margarine is unique in its technological characteristics. In flavor it is comparable with dairy butter and thus actively used as a substitute for dairy butter in the manufacture of creamy semi-finished products, soufflés and cream. Its low cost makes the end product more economical without compromising on the quality.



  • Allows creating a cream comparable with dairy butter cream;
  • Provides good whipping;
  • Keeps the shape, plasticity of homogeneity of cream fillings and decorations;
  • Does not require changes of technological schemes and equipment, which worked on dairy butter;
  • It is widely used as a layer between shortcakes.


Specification Margarine for cream Margarine for cream «For cakes»
Fat Content, % min. 82 80
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 17,93 19,93
Salt Value, % max. 0,5 0,5
Acid Value, °К max 2,5 2,5
Peroxide Value, mmol ½ О/kg, max. 2 2
Melting point, °C 30-35 30-35
SFC at 20 °С, % 18-26 18-26
* Specifications are standard. Customization is possible based on customer’s requirements.


Advices from our technologists

Problems in the process of cooking of butter cream on milk-sugar syrup with margarine for creams

Causes & solutions

Unsteady form of cream
Syrup divides from the cream
Nonhomogeneous consistency of cream