Fats for chocolate products and chocolate


Cocoa butter is an important component in the production of confectionery products, but it significantly increases the production cost. The usage of cocoa butter substitutes and equivalents not only reduces the cost of confectionery production, but also simplifies the manufacturing process itself.


Cocoa butter alternatives are divided into two main groups – fats requiring tempering (cocoa butter equivalents – CBE), and fats which do not require tempering (lauric cocoa butter substitutes – CBS and non-lauric cocoa butter replacers – CBR).


Confectionery fat for chocolate products and chocolates “KR-1”, “KR-2”, “KR-3” (non-lauric), “KR-4″,”KR-5″,”KR-5”

This confectionery fat with high melting point was specifically designed for fixing of the liquid fat contained in fillings based on hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds. It crystallizes into a single stable form and does not require tempering. Thanks to the absence of lauric fats in its content, it has no soapy taste. It is compatible with other fats for fillings, which include cocoa butter, butter oil and liquid nut oils. Resistant to oxidation, it is widely used in confectionery and baking industries for the manufacture of chocolate products, fillings for waffles and biscuits, as well as for the preparation of confectionery coating.


Vegetable fat cocoa butter substitute (non-lauric)

It is used for making confectionery coating, which is used for glazing all types of confectionery – chocolates, waffles, cookies, marshmallows, jellies, in glazes for ice cream, etc. It can be used to prepare solid fillings in admixture with other non-lauric vegetable fats. Being resistant to oxidation, it also does not require tempering. Glaze, prepared with this fat, has excellent gloss which does not fade in the process of storage. Fatty acid composition and fat characteristics provide a high quality product. It is compatible with cocoa butter, which can be up to 20% of total fat content. This makes it possible to apply different cocoa powder, small portions of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter for the coating recipes, which results in a pronounced taste of chocolate in the finished product.

Specification Confectionery fat for chocolate products and chocolates (non-lauric) Vegetable fat cocoa butter substitute (non-lauric)  
 «КР-1»  «КР-2» «КР-3»
Melting point, °C 37-41 35-37 35,5 – 37,5 35,0 – 37,5
Lauric acid content, % max. 1,0 1,0 1,0 1,0
Acid Value, mg КОН/g, max. 0,1 0,1 0,5 0,2
Peroxide Value, mmol ½ О/kg, max. 1,0 1,0 5,0 1,0
Fat Content , % min. 99,8 99,8 99,8 99,8
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2
SFC at 20 °С, % 38-45 50-54    57–70 72-86
Olein Acid trans isomer mass content, % max. 12 50 50 50
* Specifications are standard. Customization is possible based on customer’s requirements.