Margarines for puff pastry

Margarines for puff pastry are used in confectionery and baking industries. They are specially created for the dough layering in the manufacture of semi-finished products for puff pastry, croissants, yeast and yeast-free dough.


  • High lift of the final products;
  • A clear separation of the layers during baking;
  • Pleasant creamy flavor and aroma of the finished product;
  • No need to mix with the flour;
  • The dough remains pliable when cooled between the rolling stages (yeast and yeast-free dough).


  • Before using, margarine needs to be tempered at 16-20 °С;
  • The layering is obtained by multiple folding and rolling process, as well as existence of fat layer between the dough layers;
  • Finished products have a good height.



Puff pastry margarine, 82%

Puff pastry margarine, 80%

Puff pastry margarine, 72%

Fat content, % min. 82 80 72
Moisture & Volatile matters, % max. 17,8 19,8 27,8
Salt value, % max. 1,5 1,5 1,5
Acid value, °К max 2,5 2,5 2,5
Peroxide value, mmol ½ О/kg, max. 2 2 2
Melting point, °C 38-46 38-46 38-46
SFC at 20 °С, % 40-50 40-50 40-50
* Specifications are standard. Customization is possible based on customer’s requirements.


*** All puff pastry margarines have convenient packaging – layers/blocks of 2 kg, each layer wrapped in parchment and put in a handy little box of 10 kg convenient for usage.


Advices from our technologists

Problems in the process of puff pastry cooking

Causes & solutions

Insufficient layering of the product, fatty taste, dark surface & underbaked center, margarine leaks in the process of baking
Yeast puff pastry settled after baking
Yeast puff pastry tears during baking
Product falls to one side during the baking
The final product has large holes