Company history

LLC “Delta Wilmar Ukraine” is a Ukrainian company, a part of the “Wilmar International” transnational agro-industrial corporation, whose current market cap in the stock markets is about USD 22 billion.

LLC “Delta Wilmar Ukraine” includes two plants: one for processing of tropic oils and another for processing of oilseeds.

On May 24, 2019, the acquisition of the Chumak PJSC company was completed and thus in Ukraine we have yet another business line – B2C, represented by the successful Chumak PJSC company.

Plants in Ukraine
Permanent employees
Million of investment, realized
Production shops



“Wilmar International Ltd.” was established in Singapore and soon was included into the top 500 major world companies. It is one of the largest companies in the world for processing of agricultural products. A public company, whose shares are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Operates on 5 continents in 50 countries.


“Delta Exports PTE Ltd.” was established in Singapore with its activities focused on trade in the following manufactures: metals, minerals, rubber, chemicals, agricultural products and fertilizers. The company’s extensive business is now located in the business centers of the CIS, Asia, Africa, Mediterranean countries and Europe.


On December 22, 2004, “Wilmar International Ltd.” and “Delta Exports PTE Ltd.” set up “Delta Wilmar CIS” Ltd. in Ukraine. It is one of the top oil-and-fat merchants in Ukraine. An investment of USD 250 million was realized. Taxes for the amount of UAH 490 million, and UAH 684 million in 2016. One of the highest salaries in the region.


The first of a kind complex of “Delta Wilmar CIS” Ltd. on the territory of the CIS for transshipment and processing of tropical oils operated at its full capacity producing the entire assortment of margarines and fats of the supplied Indonesian and Malaysian tropical raw materials, as well as of the Ukrainian sunflower oil. Possessing some advantages in logistics, the company started exporting sunflower oil to Asia.


The company commissioned a plant for processing the sunflower seeds next to the existing complex, thereby opening up new horizons for activities in the world market.


The equipment for transesterification and hydrogenation was updated, and capacity increased.


A new production line was installed and set in operation. Successful completion of this project allowed increasing the production volumes by 4000 tons monthly.


A new pilot plant intended for testing new ingredients, improving the process parameters was started up for making a new product as per the customer’s requirements. With the help of the pilot plant it is possible to make a high-quality product at a small-tonnage plant and test it at the customer’s plant before commencing production on an industrial scale.