“Delta Wilmar Ukraine” LLC is a unique combination of the sunflower and tropical oils market. The company includes two plants: one for processing of tropical oils and another for processing of oilseeds, as well as a complex for vegetable oils transshipment in Yuzhny port. All the above plants are located in Novi Bilyary village, the quality environment 30 km away from Odesa city.
Since 2004, our company has been operating in the food industry and producing the oil-and-fat products and ingredients for manufacturers of the bakery, confectionery and dairy products. We cooperate with reliable partners all over Ukraine and are one of the largest exporters to Europe.
LLC «DELTA WILMAR UKRAINE», together with its partner companies, form a vertically integrated production system – from raw materials processing to finished products marketing.
Each process of the supply chain is carefully controlled, which allows achieving maximum quality at every stage of a product life cycle. Our philosophy of quality is that the maximum result can be achieved only through absolute control over the entire chain of the processes ensuring a product output. Quality cannot be a complement, quality is the basis. “Delta Wilmar” applies full responsibility to each production stage – from plantations to grinding companies, from logistics and processing to delivering goods to the end user, which further transforms into the ultra-high quality products and services.
We can deliver our products in the railway and road tank cars, and containers.

Kiev, Ukraine

01001, Kiev, 19 Druzhbi Narodov st., 4 floor

Тел./факс: +38 044 270 6428

E-mail: office@deltawilmar.com

Odessa, Ukraine

65481, Odessa region, town Uzhniy, 6 Industrial street

Тел.: +38 048 734 6478

Факс: +38 048 734 6479

E-mail: office@deltawilmar.com