Charitable activity of “Delta Wilmar CIS” LLC

In connection with the information emerged in the media about pressure allegedly exerted on “Delta Wilmar CIS” LLC to pay charitable contributions to “For the Benefit of Odesa” Fund, herewith, our company declares such information incorrect. Please note that the media publishing this misinformation sought no commentaries from us.

Throughout its existence “Delta Wilmar CIS” LLC has been participating in the charitable projects having a good reputation and aimed at the development of Odesa region, at help in the areas actually requiring it. We want our region to develop, and are fully prepared to support the active reforms facilitating business operations.
In this regard, the company decided to support the projects to open a public reception office, a public service center, that is, the projects financed, in particular, by “For the Benefit of Odesa” Fund.

The letters of the above fund addressed to “Delta Wilmar CIS” LLC, referred to in the media as an evidence of pressure, were forwarded for documenting a charitable contribution after our company made a decision to donate money.

We reserve the right to defend our good will in a manner provided for by the Ukrainian legislation.